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About Us

About Us

Little luluss is more than a company, it's a family. Our goal is to bring a bit of color and joy in each home, highlighting the beauty of the girls.
Born in 2016 as an online store of children's clothing. The founder of the website is a mom who has always loved children, and this Project was part of her dreams.
Two years after its creation, the founder was not pleased, since her goal was to create something with her own hands. Something that came out of her mind and her heart. She always had good taste for children's fashion, so reading and searching on the internet she found the idea of creating headbands for girls at a low price so that everyone can have access. But she did not want the conventional, she wanted something exotic, cute and modern. Because of this, the idea of creating the headwraps and big bows arose. What most stands out is the size of our bows, the bigger the better.
That's where Little Luluss is born, the cutest baby girl's headwraps and big bows.
Thank you for being part of our family!